1. Catastrophic Recovery

We are the world's catastrophic recovery crew in times of emergency.

When disaster strikes on the runway, road, or rails, the top companies worldwide look to our professionals for the expert salvage, recovery, and handling services that make headlines and meet deadlines.

Of all the services offered by the SUPOR team, the most notable has been our particular expertise in the area of aircraft, railcar, and heavy equipment recovery. Whenever aviation-related emergencies occur, a majority of airlines, airports, and aircraft manufacturers recognize our recovery crew for exceptional professionalism, experience, and ability to recover, remove, and transport any size or type of aircraft in a safe and timely manner.

Our specialty in catastrophic recovery service made headlines in January 2009 when we were called upon to assist in the recovery of US Airways Flight 1549, following the infamous incident since dubbed the "Miracle on the Hudson." Thankfully, all passengers and crew from that flight, piloted by Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, escaped that day with no loss of life or critical injury.

It's our hope that you'll never have occasion to call for our Catastrophic Recovery services. But when disaster strikes—on the runway, on the rails, or on the road, you'll want to call on the SUPOR team of professionals for expert salvaging and handling of critical and expensive equipment. Our highly-efficient operation allows infrastructure to reopen and schedules to resume as soon as possible.

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