1. Miracle on the Hudson Catastrophic Recovery

The Miracle on the Hudson Reaches its Final Destination

Joseph Supor III, President of J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Co., Inc. has had the distinct honor of being a part of this successful recovery mission:

"This has truly been a miracle from start to finish. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people along the way and I am ecstatic that my company was afforded the privilege to transport "The Miracle on the Hudson" to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I would like to say that the true hero is Captain "Sully" Sullenberger. It was his expertise and commitment to duty that landed this A-320 Airbus into the Hudson River within five minutes. It was the co-pilot, flight attendants and the passengers of Flight #1549 that were also heroes. The heroism didn't stop there, the first responders beginning with Waterway Ferries who acted so quickly and professionally to rescue all passengers in the water. The New York Police and Fire Departments were also critical to the rescue mission. We assisted only after all the passengers were brought to safety. I would like to thank all of my employees for working diligently through the chilling evening until the aircraft was removed from the water and raised up to the surface as well as throughout the process of storing and preparing the plane again for its final journey home. I would also like to commend Weeks Marine who partnered with us by providing the barge and crane in the water.

"I would also like to thank all the States DOT's and Engineers, each Police Department, State Trooper, County Official and all the town Mayors that went above and beyond to help us navigate through our permitted route. If not for the combined effort of all, this move could not have been accomplished. The outpouring of support throughout the country has been overwhelming and I'm reminded again why I'm so proud to be an American.

"Furthermore, I want to apologize to all the people that were inconvenienced on the road during the time of our transportation. My sincere gratification is to Mayor John Button and the residents of Moorestown, New Jersey. I thank you all for your patience during the unexpected delay caused by a highly difficult turn and allowing for the removal of obstacles that impeded us from continuing our journey.

"It was everyone working together as a team that made this a real part of history. You could just see the hope, compassion, and relief in the eyes of everyone present. We knew it was a miracle in the works and it proved to be truly that."

 - Joseph Supor III

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Miracle on the Hudson Photo Gallery

Press Release: J Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Provides Catastrophic Recovery For Miracle On The Hudson Plane

As the anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson approaches, officials at J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging reflect on being part of the aircraft recovery project that helped to lift the plane intact from the river and move it to safe storage.

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